Blessings & Mouth Breather - Gang
New, Single, Music Video

Blessings & Mouth Breather - Gang 

Music video by Noah Sherrin.

We’re pleased to present the newest single from artists Blessings & Mouth Breather.  Gang is a summer song that you can spin all year.  A heartwrenching anthem about getting caught up in the monotony of everyday life. Gang is about letting it all go.

Produced by Noah Sherrin, with a guest verse from Mouth Breather’s Owen Hooper, this infectious “who gives a shit” anthem clocks in at just under 3 minutes, making it the perfect track to play on repeat while you go out and ruin your life.  

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Lovers Touch - Dancing Like A Man
New, Single

Words from the band -

“Dancin’ is certainly one of our oldest songs and probably the tune people think of when they think of Lovers Touch. We wrote it back in highschool when the band was just a means to hanging out and jamming in Shane’s parent’s basement. One of those tunes you sort of just write start to finish the first time you play it. Check out the iphone recording we have of the literal first time we played the track and everything kinda came together.. so much stoke!.. -highschool!!”

“The new recording pushes some artistic boundaries for the band featuring pop and dance influenced sounds. As a band we’re always experimenting and taking bits of inspiration from our diverse listening habits. Shout out to Andrew Feels and Noah Sherrin (Blessings) for their production wizardry!”

“Dancing Like A Man,” is Toronto band Lovers Touch disco-inspired call to the dance floor --

It’s the second single off Lovers Touch’s upcoming EP “How Does It Make You Feel?” a fan favourite, and heavy hitter in the Lovers Touch live set. 

The band wrote and recorded the song back in highschool and it appeared on Lovers Touch’s debut EP - god’s Greatest Gift. Two EP’s later the band has revisited the old tune and decided to record it again giving it a polished edge that they felt the song deserved. 

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New, Single

Blessings makes his world-wild debut on Jamroom Records.


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