Mouth Breather is the musical alter ego of Canadian songwriter/ performer Owen Hooper. Mouth Breather first came on the scene in 2016 – with the breakout track “Shrug” which generated widespread play throughout the USA and Canada racking up over 200,000 plays on Spotify. Based in Montreal, Mouth Breather performs live — with recent appearances alongside Chastity Belt, The Courtneys, Johnny DeCourcy, Maylee Todd, Monomyth, Sneaks and Vanille, as well as at Pop Montreal and Rifflandia Festival. MB’s newest single “Boyfriend” takes Owen down a whole new lane of pop music, applying the musical stylings of Justin Timberlake to the absurdity of the Mouth Breather experience.


There are retro bands and then there is Lovers Touch, whose self-described dad rock — a thrilling synthesis of old- and new-school — seeks to revive throwback sounds from Bread to Hall & Oates while fully embracing all the 21st century has to offer. Playing together since their teens, singer/rhythm guitarist Shane Hooper, lead guitarist Dexter Nash, and bassist Noah O’Neil have recently joined forces with drummer Andy Taylor and keyboardist, trumpeter and vocalist Sam Lewis to issue a dazzling set of self-produced singles (“This Is an Arrangement,” “Dancing Like a Man,” “Nine to Five,” “I Need It”) destined to cement their spot in the hippest pop/rock canon while leading to marquee live shows in their adopted hometown of Toronto and beyond.

Pleasure Craft

Pleasure Craft is the solo musical project of Toronto based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Sam Lewis. Pleasure Craft’s alt-pop sound is formed from rich, 80’s inspired synth chords and Lewis’ dynamic and resonant vocals.


Experimental Pop outfit BLESSINGS, based in Montreal drops its first single and accompanying video, “Stoned”. The catchy melody and solid groove take you on a dark trip through those end-of-the-night feelings we are all too familiar with. BLESSINGS is the project of artist Noah Sherrin and various collaborators, creating music that makes you want to both dance and cry. Their signature aesthetic carries into the new video for “Stoned”, an eccentric mix of modern art and internet culture.
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